sexta-feira, 12 de junho de 2009

that's all that I could do - CAROL DANTAS - JABAQUARA

Well, I know that I´m just a student, and I know that I´m still learn' it... So that's all I need to impress the person that I realy love... As a matter of fact...I just want to impress him, and no one else! I hate texts that other people have done before.. Actualy...I love the way I am.
And the case starts... He came to my life when I didn't believe in love any more . I was sad...confused...and alone. He brought with him: happyness and all the love that I never felt before.. It's not really easy to tell here how much he is especial for me... What's the meaning of all that I´m felling...
He is the must handsome man that I know. The person that drives me crazy all the time... And this is the most beautiful love that I have ever felt. It´s more than I could think... It´s deeper than other emotion... It´s more that I can take... And some times I can't take...
But..if it were wasn't special.. And that's why ...
It is worderful.
Those are my my last words.. Baby...My heart is in your hands. My man. My hero. My friend. My family. My angel. You are my every thing... If I have you... I have all..

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  1. Releasing any commment *-*

    You are great, Carol!